Monday, August 1, 2011

151 or Bust: Episode 9

This episode we battle what should be the last of the sound issues (since I will be getting a new mic soon) and we go over a team, talk about rain/sun team compositions and the normal stuff.
This is the team we go over:
#497 Serperior – Overgrow – Impish/Jolly – Leaf Blade, Coil, Toxic, Protect – Bright Powder
#637 Volcarona – Flame Body – Modest – Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Flamethrower, Psychic – Focus Sash
#134 Vaporeon - Water Absorb – Calm/Modest – Scald, Ice Beam, Protect, Substitute - Leftovers
#579 Reuniclus – Magic Guard – Modest – Psychic, Calm Mind, Energy Ball, Flash Cannon – Wise Glasses
#571 Zoroark – Illusion – Modest – Night Daze, Calm Mind, Focus Blast, Flamethrower – Expert Belt
#620 Mienshao – Regenerator – Adamant – Fake Out, U-Turn, Stone Edge, Drain Punch – Big Root

You can find me on twitter @dutois or email me at with any questions or concerns you might want us to go over as well as a team we might be able to go over.  You can also subscribe to the podcast via itunes by searching 151 or Bust: A Pokemon Podcast.

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