Sunday, July 24, 2011

151 or Bust: Episode 8

In this episode Kush and myself talk about a few team compositions and eevees.  We go over a team and have the usual.  The humor is not lacking as we have much fun in this episode. Don't forget to subscribe on itunes!

Here is the team we go over:
Name Galvantula moves Electroweb, Sucker Punch , Agility , Electro Ball Ability Unnerve Item Lucky Egg Level 43
Name Darmanitan Moves Fire Fang , Hammer Arm , Flare Blitz , Fire Punch Ability Sheer Force Item Rocky Helmet Level 42
Name Ferrothorn Moves Selfdestruct , Metal Claw , Ingrain , Gyro Ball Ability Iron Barbs Item Iron Plate Level 46
Name Ampharos Moves Cotton Spore , Thundershock , Thunder Wave , Electro Ball Ability Static Item Zap Plate  Level 35
Name Reuniclus Moves Recover , Psyshock , Psychic , Skill Swap Ability Magic Guard Item None  Level 47
Name Mamoswine Moves Ice Beam , Hidden Power , Ancientpower , Earthquake  Ability Snow Cloak Item Leftovers Level 48

You can find me on twitter @dutois or email me at with any questions or concerns you might want us to go over as well as a team we might be able to go over.  You can also subscribe to the podcast via itunes by searching 151 or Bust: A Pokemon Podcast.  

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